Finding the Plane

Our first challenge was to catch the flight. We left our beloved minivan in Erwin with Katie’s parents, rented a car in Tennessee, drove to Atlanta, took a shuttle to our concourse, went through security (the TSA agent who was supposed to be looking at our bags actually fell asleep, so we stood there helplessly until one of his colleagues woke him up, and he sent our bags through), then found our gate. We had planned to leave ourselves a lot of extra time, but were surprised to have gotten to the gate about two hours prior to take off.

What do you do in an airport with three kids when you are this early? Well we ate, found an empty corner, then ran, jumped, and stretched. By the time we had to board the flight, we were really ready to get on the plane. The flight went smoothly. We watched some movies (Max played video games), ate some very “plane” food, and slept. When we woke up and looked out the window, we were flying over England! Before we landed the pilot circled over London, and we got a good look at the Thames, the Tower Bridge, and the London Eye. We sailed through security and customs. Then we took a bus to Oxford, and then a taxi to our new home. – Doug


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