Doing our chores

On Saturdays we get up early to do our chores. Everybody has to clean their room. In this picture I am setting my collection of things straight on the shelf. Max is really good at vacuuming. It doesn’t take long to make the house clean. After I clean my room, I get my allowance. -claire 🙂




4 thoughts on “Doing our chores

  1. Hello Cassons. I just finally looked around to find your website and read all the entries. We’ve been missing your faces so much….at school, at church, Girl scouts, the Casson kids walking to and from school. It looks like you are having such a fun adventure! You are missing nothing here but dreary, cold days with not much to do. So, enjoy this amazing chapter in your family life. I look forward to keeping track of you on your blog and then hearing all about it in the summer. Cheerio! Tricia

  2. Good work guys! We were talking about allowances and sharing/spending/saving money at church today. Thrivent gave piggy banks to all the kids with 3 compartments for saving, spending and sharing. It was fun to hear what kids want to save for and suprising to hear how much (and for what programs) they’d like to share their money! Have a great day!

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