Flexing our Transepts

On Wednesday we toured through a couple of churches here in Oxford and found all sorts of similarities and differences. We found out (1) the churches are almost always built in the same shape (the main church or nave is split by a transept which makes a cross), (2) the top of the nave almost always looks like the inside of a ship, (3) the stain glass in these churches almost always includes the Evangelists with their symbols – Matthew and an angel, Mark and an really cool lion with wings, Luke and a winged ox, John and an eagle. It really makes me want to have my own symbol, too. What is yours? -Doug


3 thoughts on “Flexing our Transepts

  1. That sounds like so much fun. On my St. Olaf interim trip to Spain we looked especially at the carved wood ceilings in Churches. It’s so much fun to be in buildings that are so much older than our “young” United States of America!!

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