Making Music?

This past Saturday we went to the University of Oxford’s Music Faculty to visit the Bate Collection of Musical Instruments. You can see a great little video about the collection here:

To get in, we followed a path around to the side of the building to what seemed like a secret door.  (We love secret doors!) We rang a bell to be admitted.

IMG_2989 IMG_2991 IMG_2992

Once inside, the kids were allowed to try playing several instruments, including a Theramin, which works using radio waves.  You don’t have to touch it at all.  It makes kind of a crazy sound!  They also liked the ones you make a “raspberry” into, like the french horn.

Experimenting with instruments Try to play these!

The last event of the morning was a special trip to a room filled with a Gamelan.  This is a traditional orchestra from Indonesia, especially the islands of Java and Bali.  It contains xylophones and gongs, among other instruments.  The sounds of the biggest gongs seemed to make the ground vibrate.

Gamelan - BIG gongs Gamelan instruction

– Katie


5 thoughts on “Making Music?

  1. Dear Grace,

    ¿Hola como estas? Yesterday we got a new student in our class her name is Emely. She only speaks Spanish so it is hard for most of the class to communicate with her. I hope you are having fun! 🙂


  2. Hello Cassons ! Greetings from Ed & Lu Granillo from California. We are enjoying your adventures. Keep them coming.. We are learning so much from Two Adults , Three Kids and One Adventure :-).

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