English money

In England the money is called pounds. One pound is like one dollar and 60 cents. Queen Elisabeth II is on the front. Instead of a paper dollar, the English people use a pound coin! They have a two pound coin! I used two pounds to get a fighter pod when we went shopping at Boswell’s, a big store with toys.  – Max

Here is a two-pound coin. It is my favorite because it is two colors – gold and silver.


Here are four one-pound coins. They have different pictures on the back.


These coins are from biggest to smallest. The first on the left is worth 50 p (p stands for pence), the next one is worth 20 p, the next is 10 p, the next is 5 p, the next is 2 p, and the one on the bottom is 1 p.


Here is the paper money. They are worth 20 pounds, 10 pounds, and 5 pounds. The lady is Queen Elisabeth II. They all have ER on them. My dad thinks that ER means Elisabeth Regina which is Latin for Queen Elisabeth.



One thought on “English money

  1. Max- I once tried to get friends to identify all the symbols on the One Pound coins. There is one each for England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland. See if you can get someone to tell you which is which!

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