Party at the Ashmolean!

The Ashmolean Museum is celebrating its 330th birthday this year. They were the first public museum . . . ever! One of their celebrations this year was something called the “Arty Party.” It was a day with tons of activities and crafts for us to do. There was face painting in the Egyptian exhibit, paper flowers with the Botanical Gardens volunteers, a scavenger hunt, a cardboard sword-making station, a portrait-painting station, and a felt-making station.


The felt making station was really fun. We picked out colorful pieces of wool, arranged them in plastic containers, sprinkled them with water, mashed them with a potato masher. Then we drained the water, rolled the wool up in a towel, and rolled the towel back and forth three hundred times. Then we had a piece of flat wool. Then we scrunched it up into a ball (I liked this part) and through it as hard as we could down at the table 10 times. Then we put them in a plastic bag and brought them home to dry.


The face painting was Egyptian designs. Max and Claire both got cats because Egyptians thought cats were lucky. I got the eye of Horus. Horus is the Egyptian sky god. We were super tired when we got home, but we had tons of fun. -Grace 🙂


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