We built a castle!

This week we built a castle in the living room! It is made out of trash. British people call trash rubbish. Using rubbish in fun ways is a way to save the world.


The castle was made out cardboard from the trashcan, yogurt containers, and foam bowls, and other stuff.


Mom made a workshop for us behind the couch. It is where we keep our rubbish!


This is a picture of the whole entire castle. From this angle you can see a merry-go-round on the pillow and in the castle there is a roller coaster. You would think it was not in a castle. Usually a roller coaster is not in a castle. Would you like to live in this castle?


Here Max is playing in the castle. Do you see Max playing in the castle?


From this angle you can see a crystal on the lookout. Do you see it?

– Claire 🙂


5 thoughts on “We built a castle!

  1. Yes, Claire. The Ruud family has decided that we would really like living in your castle, as long as we don’t have to supervise the maintenance of the roller coaster!

  2. This looks like a fun castle and it was built out of rubbish. I love the roller coaster in the castle. Every castle should have a roller coaster in it. There is also a merry-go-round. Lots of fun activities to play on in this castle. It would be great to live there.

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