Those Darn Dreaming Spires

I did not take this picture, but I really wanted to.

I read somewhere that the best view of Oxford is from the top of Old Boar’s Hill. So last weekend I talked everyone into taking a bus to Wootton, a bit southwest of Oxford, walking a mile or so up a hill, and then looking out onto the beautiful ancient buildings.

It didn’t work out that way. After some difficulty leaving the house, we did, eventually, find the right bus, but in the meantime Claire took a tumble running around the stone passages in her Wellies (British for rain boots). We then went to buy plasters (band aids).

An hour or so later, we took the bus to the middle of nowhere and set off on some pretty but muddy roads. After a really, really long time, we crested Old Boar’s Hill and found a rock that told us we were at the lookout point. The only problem was that this was a lookout without a lookout. Just more trees. We wandered around through the woods for a while, then went back down the hill to wait for the bus.

The best part of this adventure was the Kinder Eggs at the end.


4 thoughts on “Those Darn Dreaming Spires

  1. Try the view from the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, where I think this picture was taken (judging from the shadow). I’m not sure about the rest of the list, since I would totally put Worcester College (smile) and its gardens over Exeter, and tell you to find out when the next boat races are on the Isis. When the weather gets nicer, rent a punt… -RL

  2. What’s a kinder egg? Also, band aids are called plasters? That’s hilarious! I was thinking of your family today as I drove by Sibley elementary and saw kids walking home in various states of undress – no coats! It’s only 36 degrees here (2 celsius – sp?) but it feels like 50.

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