Knights, Princesses, and a Flaming Catapult!

We went to Warwick Castle (just north of Oxford) on the train. We had to change trains and then when we got to Warwick, we had to walk to the castle.


Along the way we saw a bagpiper on the street. He played us a song. It was good. And loud. Then we came to a old building that looked like a castle. We met a man named Brother Bradford (He told us that his building was not the castle. It was for “brothers in arms” – veterans – who lived together in Warwick). He gave us candy and told us how to get to the castle.


The castle was sooo cool. There was a big gate and tunnel that led into the castle courtyard. There was an archer who told us about getting shot with an arrow. We saw a man who trained an eagle.


We visited Merlin’s Tower and saw a dragon.



We saw tons and tons of wax figures and armor.


I got to try on a real metal helmet.


We walked around the castle grounds and saw a peacock. We also climbed around the castle (see Grace’s post).


But best of all there was a flaming catapult! It was called a trebuchet (pronounced tre-boo-shay). It was gigantic. Inside it, people ran in hamster wheels to pull back the catapult thingy. They lit a ball on fire and then . . .

3, 2, 1 . . .

They launched the flaming ball through the air. We all cheered. It looked like a meteor! – Max


4 thoughts on “Knights, Princesses, and a Flaming Catapult!

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  2. Max sounds like you had a great time here! It must have been lots of fun to try on the helmet and watch the flaming catapult!

  3. Max, that sounds so cool. I didn’t know the trebuchets were loaded with people running a hamster wheel. Maybe you should add a trebuchet to your rubbish castle and beg someone for a hamster to really work it! 😉

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