Seeing Matilda with Oma and Opa

Matilda is a musical that I saw in London with my grandma and grandpa and brother and sister. It was amazing! They danced and sang while doing the play.


This is Matilda’s dad with Matilda and her teacher. (We got these photos from the internet).


Here is the background of the stage. Look at all the letters. The younger kids in Matilda’s class and Matilda were pretending to be in a cage.


Here are some scenes from the musical.

I loved the music, especially the beginning song about poor Matilda as a baby. My sister Grace liked the song about “revolting children” at the end of the play. My brother Max liked the song about being “a little bit naughty.”

It was long but it wasn’t hard to sit still because it was so fun to watch. When we got home, we got the music on the computer so now we can listen to it all the time. – Claire

P.S. Now we have photos from Oma and Opa! We can also tell you more about getting to Matilda.


We started on the bus, but then we ran into traffic and were afraid we would miss the beginning.


So we got off the bus and got a big black taxi. We made it on time.


Horray! We made it!


3 thoughts on “Seeing Matilda with Oma and Opa

  1. Looks like a wonderful musical. How fun that your grandma and grandpa are over there! We think about you guys often. Love, Aunt Cindy

  2. That would be a great musical to see. I can see how each of you guys liked it for different reasons. I bet it was great to see Matilda with Oma and Opa, How fun to have them come over there!

  3. Love the faces you are making. Your adventures sound wonderful and the pictures are so fun to see. Keep up the great work! Have a good week.

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