St Michael and All Angels

We love the very English (and very inclusive) name of our parish church here in North Oxford.


Here is the church when we first arrived in January.


And here it is in March when we had to leave.


We must have taken this in the few minutes of sunlight that we experienced on one of those Sunday mornings.

St Michael and All Angels has been a wonderfully welcoming home for all of us. We met some fantastic older ladies (who could have been pulled directly from a murder mystery!) and some very friendly clergy. The kids found a whole gaggle of friends and sang with them in the Choristers.


Here they are at rehearsal. They practiced every Thursday and sang in church. They were great! (Although we couldn’t get over the high church formality of the way they all pronounced the words. For a few moments during a song, our Minnesota kids became posh Oxford choral singers).

Katie also sang with the choir and had the opportunity to travel with them to Lancaster Cathedral (where King Richard III was recently uncovered) to sing Evensong. I’m still a bit baffled and impressed: We were only here for two months, but Katie somehow managed to go on tour! – Doug


2 thoughts on “St Michael and All Angels

  1. It looks like a gem of a church to find and feel welcomed in for your short stay. Sounds like there are some very talented Cassons in England right now.

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