Windsor Castle

When my grandparents came to England, my grandma and I went to Windsor Castle, one of the Queen’s home (and they say it is her favorite).


Above is one of the Queen’s Guards.

When we walked in, the royal standard flag was flying which meant that the Queen was home. (She stays there on weekends and it was Monday morning). A nice man at the audio guide place told us which room she was in. He said that if we saw the green drawing room, we would see white doors and the Queen was behind them. We saw the doors. They were beautiful.


Here I am eating in the train station.

Then we started to get hungry, so we searched the train station for a place to eat before we caught a train back home.


It was a really fun day. – Grace 🙂


5 thoughts on “Windsor Castle

  1. Hello cousin Grace! This is Anna. I’m very happy you had a fun time at Windsor Castle, it sounded like fun! I’m getting ready to start playing soccer here in Colorado Springs, and my dad told me that soccer is very popular in england. I hope you get to see some! Anyway, lots of love from all your Casson cousins here. I like hearing about your trip!

  2. Thank you for sharing your trip to Windsor Castle and all the other postings. Grandmother Barbara and I remember visiting Windsor Castle 20 years ago. After seeing your pictures, we took out our travel file on Windsor Castle and our trip to England, and enjoyed remembering our trip! Love, Grandmother Barbara and Papa John

  3. Looks like it was a great time visiting Windsor Castle. Traveling on the train to get there must have been a great experience. Looks like a great day to just travel with Grandma. I bet a fun adventure for both of you!

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