Arthur’s Seat: The Highest Point in Edinburgh

On the last day of our stay in Edinburgh, Scotland, we decided to climb Arthur’s seat. It was a big challenge. It had snowed the day before and then suddenly got warm(ish). So there was mud and slush all the way up.


We stumbled and climbed up the mountain (nearly 250 meters).


At the top we enjoyed the view, did a victory dance, and threw snowballs at birds, and at a boulder, and each other.


We could see the whole of Edinburgh. We could see the ocean, that is, the north sea and also the beginnings of the highlands. Then we started slipping our way down the mountain.



When we finally got close to the bottom, we played in the ruins of an old chapel. By the time we reached the bottom, we were all “a bit” muddy. – Grace 🙂


2 thoughts on “Arthur’s Seat: The Highest Point in Edinburgh

  1. Dear Grace and family: Thanks for the pictures of your hike up Arthur’s Seat. It must have been great looking out over Edinburgh,in sprite of the weather and mud. You probably have a scottish accent by now! Love, Grandmother Barbara and Papa John

  2. Hi traveling Cassons. I’ve loved all your pictures, but these pictures of Arthur’s Seat especially. Debby, Sarah, and I lived near Arthur’s seat for a year and I could leave our “flat,” run to the top and back in an hour, which I probably did once a week. How cool. You all are having an amazing time! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us on your blog.

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