A Snowy Day at Edinburgh Castle

I saw this tattoo at Edinburgh Castle in the cafe. The guy who works there had it on his arm. That guy really likes Scotland! I am going to ask my dad for a tattoo just like it!

IMG_3030 IMG_3029

Here we are before we went into the castle. We were cold!


At the cafe in the castle, we drank a lot of tea because it was so cold outside. Did I already say that?

Once we got warm, we looked around the castle. It was huge. We started at the very top and looked out over Edinburgh.


We saw some big cannons.


We went into a great hall and saw school kids getting ready for a concert. We saw the crown jewels of Scotland. We saw the room where King James was born. It didn’t have any furniture.

We went into a place where all the Scottish soldiers were remembered. We looked through the books of names and found lots of people named Alexander Mackay just like me.

I got a Scottish metal figure in the gift shop (I’ll tell you more about my metal figures on another blog)

The coolest thing was the prison. We walked into a dark hall where we saw wax figures of prisoners. We also saw hammocks where prisoners slept. There was even graffiti from American prisoners during the Revolutionary War.


Here we are pretending to climb the wall of the castle to attack the guards. We read in Horrible Histories that someone took over the castle by climbing this wall and sneaking around to open the front door. The guards didn’t know what was happening.

– Max 🙂


5 thoughts on “A Snowy Day at Edinburgh Castle

  1. Dear Max and Family: We enjoyed your tour of Edinburgh Castle. That was a great tour, complete with pictures of you all in different parts of the Castle. Glad you found other men with the distinguished name of Alexander Mackay! Love, Grandmother Barbara and Papa John

  2. Max, I remember seeing that prison and imagining what it would be like to be in those dungeons. I laughed at that first picture, because I saw that tatoo and assumed it was your mother’s arm. ; )

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