Paris is Slushy in the Spring

We did it!  We saw the Eiffel tower.  It was a little smaller than we expected, though. Here is a little bit about our short visit to the city of light… and slush.

We took the night train from Edinburgh to London and then the Eurostar under the English Channel to Paris. Image

Unfortunately, there was a big snow storm in northern France the day we arrived.  When we got off the train the slush was so thick that we couldn’t roll our suitcases on the sidewalks.  We had to wait in a very long line for a taxi.  We were so thankful to finally get into the warm rental apartment.


Grace doesn’t like the smell of the French cheese, I think.

The next day we went to the Louvre where it was nice and warm. The kids were very excited to see the Mona Lisa.  Here are their enigmatic “Mona Lisa” smiles:IMG_3064



There were a few other small and LARGE paintings and sculptures at the Louvre.


We enjoyed our time there and saved plenty of things to look at the next time we come!



We visited Notre-Dame Cathedral and browsed through the book and print sellers’ boxes that line the banks of the Seine river.





Like many other visitors to Paris, we had a good time just walking around looking in shop windows. Claire was particularly amazed by the fish eyes.



When we got tired of walking, we visited a playground or stopped for a crepe with Nutella.






On Sunday, we packed our suitcases again.  This time we were able to roll them over the sidewalk.  It was warm enough to admire the Canal St. Martin on our way to the Gare de l’est to catch our train to Berlin.Next stop, Germany! Au revoir, Paris.



7 thoughts on “Paris is Slushy in the Spring

  1. Amazing memories you are creating! Katie, I am entertained by your blog, a bit envious, wish we were there, but mostly, just miss you all. I hope Germany is good to you, Unsere freunde!! Say hello to Gabi Radler! : )

  2. Sounds wonderful despite the weather. Great pictures, experiences and memories! Can’t wait to read the next update about Germany. Miss you!

  3. I love seeing you guys. You are so adventurous:) We missed you today with your beautiful Easter dresses and hunting for eggs. Happy Easter! Abrazos y besos, Familia Casper Sanchez

  4. I am so enjoying reading about your experiences abroad and seeing all the pictures! Definitely gives me the travel bug!

  5. Casson Clan!
    Your adventure sounds amazing! I was so delighted to see your pictures with all the art I dream about! The kids have gotten so big! I bet Grace is taller than me now! Best of luck as you continue your journey.
    All the best,

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