Oma and Opa Visit England!

While we were in England and London, Oma and Opa came to visit us.  They came to England by airplane.  They were tired.  The next day, they weren’t tired anymore.  They were happy!  We were happy, too!


Just telling you, they are our grandparents.

We had lots of adventures.  We went on a boat with my Opa and Max and my Mom.  It was an old, old ship.  Before World War II, there were pirates, and this is the kind of ship they had.


With Opa we also went to Stonehenge.  It is gigantic rocks.  Nobody knows who moved them.  Maybe dinosaurs!  We walked all the way around the whole thing.

We had a special night with Oma and Opa — without our parents!  That was fun.  They took us to a fancy, gigantic toy store called Hamley’s.


We went with Oma and Opa to London.  We saw Big Ben.  That is the name of the bell inside the tower in this picture.  Behind the tower, is the London Eye.  The London Eye is a super big ferris wheel.


We also went to the British Museum.  We looked at lots of Mummies.  We had papers that told us what to find and we almost found them all.  We saw mummies of animals, too, like cats and birds and a baby bull.


We were super happy that Oma and Opa came so far to visit us! – Claire 🙂



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