On and Off the Rails

We rode on lots of trains in the last few months. So far we rode on eight trains, not counting street cars or subways. My favorite trip was from Edinburgh to France. We took one train from Edinburgh to London. We got to sleep on the train. One of the trains we were on was the one where they filmed the newest James Bond movie.

An East Coast Train named after the latest James Bond film Skyfall and emblazoned with the Skyfall logo-17318121664001885_1361213533

When we got to London in the morning, we got on another train to go to France. It was called the Eurostar. The Eurostar is a train that goes under the English Channel, the part of the ocean that is owned by Britain and France.

On another train ride from Paris to Berlin, we met some Chinese people. They were nice. The man was named Dragon and the woman was named Jade.


This is Claire with Dragon.

In Berlin we saw the huge Hauptbahnhof, the main rail station. There were tons of escalators and elevators.


There was also a doughnut shop. We then took an S-Bahn to Alexanderplatz. We stayed in a hotel here.


In Berlin I also learned the difference between an S-Bahn and a U-Bahn. The S-Bahn is over the ground and the U-Bahn is under the ground. The Strassenbahn is different. It goes on the street. My dad and Grace and I got on the Strassenbahn and rode up and down the street just for fun.


When we went to Nuremberg, we took the ICE which is the fastest train in Germany. I always like to sit by the window with a fold out table. – Max


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