Our Home in Erlangen

For the next four months, we are going to live in Apartment #4 of the University of Erlangen’s guest house. Below is a picture of the front door, but before we go in, I must tell you something else.


We live right next to a forest! It is SO cool to explore it. There are many kinds of moss covering the forest floor. Your feet just sink right into it.


There is a very small, simple playground at the edge of the forest. We love to play there.


Now, let’s go inside. Here is the front hallway. Our door is the door at the end.


Now, let’s go down the hallway. Here is the common room. We like to watch TV here because the apartments don’t have TVs in them.


Would you like to come inside our apartment? Here is our front door.


Here is our hallway. We hang our coats here and take off our shoes.


Here is the cozy living room. We spend a lot of our time here.


This is the kitchen part of the living room. We cook food here.


Here is Mom and Dad’s room.


This is Max’s room.


And here is Claire’s and my room.


This place is small but I love it. Well, I think that’s all. Goodbye and come again! -Grace


10 thoughts on “Our Home in Erlangen

  1. Thanks for taking us on the tour! We like your apartment and your forest, too! We leave near an area called Black Forest, which my dad says is a region in Germany too!

    Have a fun time in Germany, and we’ll talk to you very soon!

    Love from cousins in Colorado!!

  2. Hi to all of you guys! Uncle Torrey, Becca and Laura I are driving from Oregon to San fransisco today. Becca was checking out a college in Oregon. We just read all about your cozy little home away from home. It looks great! Have a super day!

  3. Grace – thanks for the tour! What an adventure you’re all on. Your German home looks a lot different than your English home–I love the slanty room (we have one in our Albuquerque house, do you remember it?). This home will give you a whole new set of fun experiences (especially the forest, or as your mom and dad would say, der Wald). Uncle David

  4. I love seeing the house. It is neater on the outside that I thought from looking at Google Earth. We will be anxious to read blogs about your adventures at your new school.

  5. I love the look of your “home” for the next 4 months. Thanks for taking us on a tour of it. It looks like everyone has just the right amount of room to move about in your house. I like that it is near the forest so you can explore it, but also has playground. School sounds like it will be a new adventure for all of you, but also lots of fun. Bikes will be fun to have to get around the city on. Have a great time. Aunt Becky

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