Run Like a Wild Boar!

Yesterday we went to Fürth, the place that has IKEA. We went because of our race, for Me and Max and Dad. Dad and Max ran into the forest, and I ran a big, big circle and it was called the Bambini run.

banner_swl2013-1This is a picture of a wild boar. The race was called a wild boar because they were running and they were bored. Actually there were wild boars flinging around in the forest.




But they were in a pen.









Here I am waiting for the race with all of my race friends. They speak German.









Here is me running! I am the one almost in the front wearing blue. I ran the whole way and didn’t stop. And I won.

Just kidding. I was probably something in the middle.






This is Max before his race. He is the one with his feet really on the line. He is wearing blue and black. Max is super fast. He got 14th.






Here is Max in his wild boar shirt. I have one, too. And so does Dad.







Here is Max cheering. He cheered for me.





This is the end of Dad’s race. It was really, really long. I was thirsty. That’s the end. – Claire 🙂


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