Walk like an Egyptian

You might think that Grace has finally gone over the edge. You might fear that several months away from home has loosened her grip on what is normal and appropriate. You might wonder why she is wrapped in toilet paper and stumbling around the apartment. Well . . .

. . . it was Claire’s birthday at the beginning of April, and she requested that we celebrate like ancient Egyptians. Since we weren’t sure how ancient Egyptians celebrate, Grace decided to be a mummy and we tried our best to make a pyramid and mummy cake.


We also turned on the Bangles, “Walk Like an Egyptian” (oh yes, you are humming the song right now, aren’t you?). Then we invited the Portuguese kids from upstairs. Suddenly it was a party.

The candles didn’t work all that well on a slant, so eventually Claire had some help blowing them out. Then we all had the best sand-colored, pyramid, cinnamon and sugar cake I think I have ever tasted. – Doug



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