Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Last weekend, my family and I went to Rothenburg ob der Tauber which is about an hour or so away.

We got there on a train. Actually, we got there on a bus, an S-Bahn, and three separate trains.

When we finally got to Rothenburg, we checked into a Youth Hostel. This is a picture of the building. We got a room in one of the “eyes.”


This is our room. I slept on the bottom bunk of the bed Claire is climbing on. There was also a huge dining hall with free tea!


Here is the view from inside the “eye.” We could see almost all of Rothenburg.


There were A LOT of Christmas shops there. We saw huge nutcrackers, Christmas pyramids, and Christmas trees. We looked at a lot of window displays.


Max and Dad went to a Crime Museum and came back with a lot of new ideas for punishments for us. (Just kidding). They told us about these metal masks that people had to wear in the streets if they did something wrong.


Before we went to sleep, we went to on a tour with the Night Watchman. He was super funny and he spoke English. He led us through the city and told us about history as if he was actually there. It started pouring halfway through the tour, but he kept being funny, and we kept listening.


Then we went to bed.


When we woke up, we packed our bags, ate breakfast, and then walked around town.

Rothenburg is surrounded by a wall that you can walk on. Here we are on top of the wall.


But before we got on the train home, we played on a playground right outside the wall. You can see it in the background.


We had an awesome time. -Grace

P.S. Here are some other pictures of Rothenburg.

IMG_2894      IMG_3378


3 thoughts on “Rothenburg ob der Tauber

  1. My favorite place! I’m so glad you got to go there. You will remember it as if you stepped into a fairytale! I love you all. Oma

  2. Grace that is awesome I wish you were here because we won trash to cash and got extra recess and popsicles anyway I hope your having fun.

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