A Rainy Day in Regensburg

Last week we traveled to Regensburg, where Doug studied way back in the last century. The town hasn’t changed all that much. There is still a beautiful stone bridge, the 500-year-old Wurstkuchl (that claims to be the oldest Bratstube in the world!), a huge Gothic cathedral. Although it was raining (We shouldn’t have been surprised: Regen means rain in German), we were able to get a good feel for this gorgeous old city.


Max finally completed his quest for the perfect pretzel – one that was “as big as my face.”


Katie was pretty excited, too.


We had to take a picture for Grandma Barbara of a shop called “Der Hutmacher” because it had just the kind of frilly hats that we think Grandma would love. We also remembered how she loves that German word Hut. The kids love it too.


We also ran into old German House friends from Colorado College – Brigitta Alkofer, Lisa Philips, and my beloved German Prof, Armin Wishard. Unfortunately we had to leave pretty quickly to have Kaffee and Kuchen with another Prof from Erlangen, Clemens Kauffmann, and his delightful family.


Oh yes, I can’t leave out the strangest thing we saw in Regensburg – a group of vegetarians had a pretty shocking demonstration that included this woman on a bun. It caught our attention, but I’m not sure what we were supposed to learn. In any case, we all promised that we would no longer eat any human flesh. – Doug



One thought on “A Rainy Day in Regensburg

  1. Did you study here in highschool or in college? It looks like such a neat little town. I will definitely also echew humanburgers!
    Oma Stromberg

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