The Alps!

ImageAt the end of May, the kids had two weeks off of school for Pfingsten (Passover).  We rented a car and set off on the Autobahn for the Alps.  We wanted to show the kids Germany and Austria’s tallest mountains and do some hiking.   We did get a few glimpses of them.  Despite the weather, we had a very good trip to the Alps. This is from our hike around the Eibsee.

We stayed in another Youth Hostel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. These are great places for families to stay because you can never be too loud and it is nearly impossible to break anything.  Plus, they usually have a cappuccino machine in the lobby.  These days, they also have private rooms for families, which is quite a step up from the bunk rooms we used to stay in during out backpacking years.
Garmisch and Partenkirchen are full of Luftlmalerei or painted houses.  This type of fresco goes back to the 18th century in Bavaria and continues today.  Often, businesses have frescoes which relate to what they do like the shoe store in the photo below.  Some of them are so over-the-top it is hard to believe.Image

We did get in a little bit of hiking in the rain.  We are tough Minnesotans, after all. The alpine plants were amazing and seemed to be enjoying the drizzle.

We wanted to ride the cable car to the top of Germany’s tallest mountain, the Zugspitze, but the peak remained socked-in the whole time we were there.  Another time.

So, while the big kids and Doug went to ride indoor water slides, Claire and I ate HUGE pieces of cake at a fancy cafe.



In the evening, we had an authentic Bavarian meal of Schweinsaxe (Pork Knuckle).  I went to this same restaurant with my parents and siblings in 1996 and was delighted to return.  The kids were totally mesmerized by the boys doing the Schuhplatter dance.



Next stop, Austria!




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