Vacation on an alpine farm

After leaving Garmisch-Partenkirchen, we drove further in into the mountains, out of Germany and into Austria. Near a little town called Mühlbach am Hochkönig, we stayed at a farm called Elmau.


The farmers, Anton and Patricia, were really nice. They had lots of animals on the farm. Because it was supposed to snow the next day, we got to ride Luna, the pony, that afternoon. Here is Claire riding Luna.


We also got to meet Sally, the farm dog, and her baby, Baxter (but he was too wiggly to get a picture).


We also went to a restaurant to dinner up on one of the mountains. Although it was foggy, we could see really far. This is a piece of art by the restaurant that had telescopes in each eye that were aimed at different places in the valley. The one I am looking through is aimed right at the farm we were staying at.


The next morning, we were surprised to find that our snowstorm came during the night. It snowed for the next two days!



So we spent most of our time in the barn. Here are some alpine sheep. The tiny one is the baby and the one with the bell is the mom.


Here the goats are coming in from the fields.


Then we got to feed them. They were hungry!


We also fed the cows.


That afternoon we went to the ice cave with our new friends, Patti and Kathi (see Max and Claire’s post).

The next morning a group of hikers stopped at the farm to eat breakfast and then sing for the owners (and us!). They were from a church in a nearby town. Every year they walk through the valley singing and praying for the earth.


Then we had to say goodbye to all the animals and our friends, Patti and Kathe.



It was really hard to leave. – Grace


4 thoughts on “Vacation on an alpine farm

  1. Sounds fun! I probably couldn’t leave either! Can’t wait to see u soon, have a great rest of your trip.

    – Solvei

  2. OMG that looks so fun! I wish you were here well you will be home soon right? 🙂 Tell me when your coming back PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Or maybe your already coming home? HAHA

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